Renew My Church
Renew My Church: Preparing our Feedback for Cardinal Cupich

Our Grouping Feedback & Discernment Team has been hard at work following the lead of the Holy Spirit to prayerfully respond to the different scenarios that hold the potential for our parish. To be sure, many of the conversations have been difficult requiring time, patience, prayer and, above all, trust in our Lord Jesus Christ in whom all hope resides.

There is such great love for our Lord, our Church and the parishes we call home amongst our Grouping Team members. I am thankful for the time and effort that each has contributed over the past few months.

Next Steps

On either October 21st or October 22nd, the pastors of our grouping parishes and a few additional members of the team will present the Feedback Summary to the Renew My Church Commission’s Executive Committee:

  • Our local Vicar, Bishop Mark Bartosic
  • Vicar General, Bishop Ron Hicks,
  • Fr. Jason Malave, Cardinal’s Liaison for RMC
  • Betsy Bohlen, Chief Operating Officer for the Archdiocese
  • Cliff Barber, Chief Strategy Officer for the Archdiocese
  • Dr. Jim Rigg, Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese

This is an opportunity for members of our local faith communities to provide a voice to the Feedback Summary Report. There is only so much a document can tell someone about the local realities and possibilities, so having our team members spend time with the Executive Committee allows everyone to have a rich conversation about what’s unique in our grouping and amongst our parishes.

Please pray everyone involved that we may allow the Holy Spirit to be the true author of our thoughts and words in these important conversations.

This past week on Thursday, the Discerning Teams met for the last time to discuss the strengths and challenges of each of the scenarios presented to us, and those that came from the feedback from our parishioners and school families. At this point, the writing team is preparing the documents that will be presented to the Leadership Team at the Archdiocese on either October 21st or 22nd. Please continue your prayers for each of our parishes and our team members. Pray also for our Catholic Church here in Chicago and around the world!

Upcoming sessions:
Grouping Team Meetings:

  • Pastors and Writing Team to Present to Executive Committee – October 21st or October 22nd
  • Cardinal Cupich Ruling for our Grouping – November 8th

As always, for more information, visit, or ask any of the members of the Grouping Feedback & Discernment Team – Sara Goddard, Terry Adkins, Bill Horan, Katie Carden, Karyn McGovern, Mark Meier and Fr. Larry.

Renew My Church: A Prayer

As followers of Christ, all that we do – the very work of our mission – must be rooted in prayer. Let us take a look at the prayer specifically written to bless our Renew My Church efforts:

Lord Jesus, you speak to us today,
as you spoke to holy men and women
who have gone before us.
In every age and in our own time,
you call to us and say: Renew My Church.
Pour out the gift of your Holy Spirit upon us,
and so enable us
to hear you clearly
to listen to each other attentively
to imagine our future boldly
to discern your direction wisely
to persevere in your holy will courageously
to stay together in charity
to surrender our own plans readily
to embrace the greater good
to hand on your gifts to future generations.
May we remain in the holy company of
the Blessed Virgin Mary, the apostles, and all the saints.
May their example and presence
inspire us with patient confidence
in the work of your grace.
We ask this of you who live and reign
with the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God,
forever and ever. Amen