From Father Larry
Dear Family of St. Matthias,

Holy Week Greetings!

Please know that I am continuing to celebrate a daily Mass for the intention of our Parish Family. Included in the petitions is the Prayer for this virus challenge to those who have it, those who have died, and all medical personnel. Please take good care of yourselves in mind, body and spirit. I sure do miss you. Be Well!

Bishop Bartosic called to see how we are doing. He is continuing to pray for us and we are in his thoughts and prayers. Either he or Fr. Jim, our Dean, will call on a weekly basis to check-up on us. That is very thoughtful of the two of them.

I thank Karyn McGovern and Bob Nickels for helping me with the bell ringing at 9AM, 12Noon, 3PM, 6PM, and 9PM for Prayers during this health crisis.

I am sorry we don't have palms this year. What a great tradition of our Church. The Archdiocese would not let us distribute them.

On Thursday of this week, Holy Thursday, let us Pray in thanksgiving for Eucharist as the word Eucharist means thanksgiving. For Eucharist is the source and summit of our Christian Life. I am writing this early due to publishing deadlines, but I certainly hope as President Trump has said, we can open Churches on Easter. We can indeed celebrate Eucharist! But let us on Holy Thursday, pray in thanksgiving for Eucharist that brings us together as one. On Good Friday let us give thanks for Jesus Our Savior, and for all He went through for our salvation and redemption. We give thanks for forgiveness of sins as Jesus died on the Cross that our sins would be forgiven us. And on Holy Saturday, let us give thanks and Praise for the meaning of the day that there is life after death, and that the Kingdom of God is open to all Believers. We indeed have future life with God. I am going to miss celebrating the Triduum as they are my favorite days of the Church Year. So let us pray in the spirit of the Triduum in thanksgiving for the Faith-filled meaning of these days. We are a saved and redeemed People of God. THANKS BE TO GOD!

Our Parish Finance Committee and myself would certainly appreciate it if you would continue to give through Give Central, our website, or via the mail. We are continuing to pay bills. We thank you!

I thank you for ALL that you do for our Family of St. Matthias.

As always, I am praying for you every day, and the daily Mass intention is for you. Please take good care of yourselves. I am glad to say a few words every other day via the website. I hope and pray that we can see each other on Easter Sunday.

With my love and with GOD'S BLESSINGS!
Fr. Larry