From Father Larry
Dear Family of St. Matthias,

Greetings! I am still feeling good about our Friends Weekend. I certainly enjoyed myself. Thanks to ALL who came. Thanks to Terry Touhy, Karyn McGovern, and our planning/ organizing committee for a wonderful weekend. Please recognize our local restaurant owners who came through for us once again this year by thanking the manager in person or providing a simple note of thanks on your bill. It was a splendid weekend.

My gratitude is extended to our Senior Friendship Club for lunch last Tuesday. I enjoyed the good company in addition to the sloppy joes and the many sides. Please join our parish Seniors on the second Tuesday of each month at noon in our Convent.

We are presenting the six options for our parishes and the two options for our schools for Renew My Church to Bishop Bartosic on Monday, Oct. 21, at 5:15 PM. There will representatives from the Archdiocese to listen to our findings and submit data. Please save Friday, November 8, at 7 PM, for the announcement on which options have been selected. This announcement will be at St. Hilary. Please join us as we hear about the future of our church and school. Please see page 6 for more details.

Our Parish Council meets this Monday at 7PM. If you have any business, concerns or ideas for us please call me at 506-2191 or email me at: One of us will get back to you in a timely fashion. Our main agenda item will be Renew My Church with the different scenarios.

I Pray for you everyday.

Please Pray that our Church will remain open as a Sacramental Worship site in the Renew My Church process. Please keep November 8th open at 7PM for the announcement at St. Hilary. I thank you.

Have a good week.

Fr. Larry