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A Letter from Katie Carden

St. Matthias School Principal

Dear Parishioners of St. Matthias,

I share your great sadness at the announcement of the closing of St. Matthias Church. This church is an important part of your family story and the history of Lincoln Square. During the Renew My Church process, we shared in the deep sorrow of the Transfiguration Community at the first mention of their church closing. Little did we know that we would also be facing this great pain, as not one, but two churches in the Lincoln Square grouping would be closed.

St. Matthias is a church where I have felt so welcomed. On difficult days, it was a place for me to find peace and hope. Tuesday Early Childhood and Friday All-School masses served as great reminders to look for the face of God in each of our 300 students. Thank you for playing such a big part in welcoming me into your home. Change is hard and painful, but I pray our faith will keep us all close to God and one another.

I do not yet have answers for how our weekly school masses will look for our students. At least until Advent 2020, we have been assured that St. Matthias Church will be available to us. Beyond that time, I assume that there will be a combination of some masses in our gym and others at the newly formed parish church, unless we are granted more time to be in the Church. I also anticipate regularly scheduled Saturday evening family masses and dinners shared together in the gym as we work to spiritually renew our community. I would very much like for each of you to be a part of these masses and dinners with us.

In addition, I want you to know that you always have a home at our school, a place familiar to many of you. If you’d like to lead the rosary in classrooms, share your faith stories with students, read Bible stories, or help the teachers in delivering lessons in our faith, you will have a place here. We want you, and we need you. You are important role models of faith in our children’s lives. I thank you for that and for staying connected to our school.

Please reach out to me in the school office anytime. If you like one of the suggested ideas to stay connected, please let me know. If you have other ideas, I’d love to hear them as well.

You are all in my prayers during this difficult time, and I ask that you keep the school children, families, teachers and staff of St. Matthias in yours, as well. While it is a sad reality that school and parish life may never be the same as we remember as children, we look to the future with hope and new vision. I hope you will a part of our new reality at 4910 N. Claremont.

Love and prayers,

Katie Carden
St. Matthias School Principal